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Not a trend anymore

We're convinced that remote is here to stay and not a trend anymore. We're not the only ones. Many companies are making the shift like Verizon, Twitter or Spotify.

Talents are everywhere

The right fit for you team doesn't necessarily live nearby. Going remote allows you to reach global talents regardless of their location.

Multicultural teams rock

Diversity empowers distributed teams and enriches your organisation's DNA. Your growth will be catalyzed by diversity.

Focus on what matters

Your money is best spent on talents, not office spaces. And time is precious, let's not waste it commuting.

What's preventing you from going remote?

🧐 Hiring globally is delicate

Finding and attracting talents can be difficult without a network and the right tools. The onboarding process can also be quite challenging.

🀯 Management is different

Managing remote collaborators requires a different approach. Every aspect needs to be specifically adapted to a remote context.

😩 Paperworks are a hassle

Handling paperworks like contracts and payrolls for different countries is expensive and time-consuming.

πŸŽ‰ Company culture is challenging

Company culture has to be revised to fit this new way of working. With the right approach, engagement will be reinforced.

⚑️ Flint's answer

We provide global talents to support your effort in growing your distributed Tech teams.

πŸ’Ž A premium network

We've been nurturing a worldwide network of talents and already built several Tech teams for successful companies. Wether it's hard skills, soft skills or mindset, we don't compromise when hiring for our partners.


🀝 A true partner

Our Tech DNA leads to a full understanding of your stakes. After onboarding Flinters in your teams, our relationship is just getting started.


❀️ A hassle-free solution

We collaborate with people from anywhere in the world. You'll have full transparency and just one monthly invoice from us. We cover all paperworks so you don't have to.


πŸ€” Only interested in assessing your remote readiness?

We offer an audit to help optimize your organization's usage of remote work. This solution will help you identify gaps in your processes and forecast pre-requisites for your transition to remote.

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