A more secure clubhouse on...Telegram


Here's the thing, clubhouse is NOT secure at all. Here's a simple trick to use clubhouse to drive your friends and clubhousers to a telegram group chat. still WIP.

When you create your event on Clubhouse

1/ Create a title with "TGR" (for "Telegram Room" at the start of your event/room title. This will indicate to the users that this event is available on a Telegram group chat.

Ex: "TGR Let's talk clubhouse security"

2/ Copy the url of your event and extract just the ID, that is the weird identifier after the last "/"

Ex: for this event url https://www.joinclubhouse.com/event/PQVq9y5B PQVq9y5B is the ID

3/ Telegram part:

  1. Create a public group on Telegram
  2. Add Telegram bot as a member
  3. Set the title of the group the same as the clubhouse event/room for instance "TGR Let's talk clubhouse security"
  4. Set the group to "Public" and paste the ID (previously copied)
  5. Save your group

β‡’ Your group is now public and has a url containing the ID of the clubhouse event/room

Your public voice group on telegram is available to anyone with the url: https://t.me/ID where ID is the id of the clubhouse room/event

For convenience reason for people who wants to open TGR rooms directly in Telegram, you can download this ios shortcut: https://t.co/F0BYYednHI?amp=

When you share an event or a room on clubhouse app, you can see a new menu 'Join this room in Telegram' which opens the room with the ID of the room in an existing Telegram public group.