Flint is a Tech consulting company with a focus on creating a unique, engaging Community of Tech People

Building a global Community of expert Tech People

Flint’s led by Tech people for Tech People. We strongly believe Flint Community is our most important asset which deserves the very best. Flint provides employees and experts a unique and unprecedented set of tools, perks and activities through an innovative and disruptive Vision. It will blow your mind!

A unique Partner

We understand your needs better than anyone

From the very beginning, defining together what you really need to best fit your team and your projects to providing the right flint expert: We are here all the way along. As partners of your innovative projects, Flint wants to give you a complete transparency regarding the cost of our expertise. Our costs are transparent, we want to disrupt this Industry of secrecy and unknown costs. Flint contributes to getting this industry back to Ethics, Truth, Transparency and Reliability.

An efficient process

  • 1 Together, we define your need
  • 2 We find the very best experts
  • 3 In depth interviews + online technical assessment
  • 4 Presentation to your team
  • 5 Project starts in your office
  • 6 Ongoing follow-up during the project

You deserve the very best

Help each other, communicate, progress and learn together.

We love Slack. You are connected with other Flint peers everywhere in the World: Never get stuck on a problem, help each others and get rewards.

Remote working

Flint provides you with 1 day per month remote working.

Always learning

Flint wants you to always stay sharp and grow both professionally & Technically. Our experts are given a 24/7 account to a renowned MOOC.

Side projects

We offer 1/2 day per month free time dedicated to side projects. We strongly believe innovation is likely to sparkle while working on side projects.

Open Source & Community

As a community, We have our own Github and repos, we plan to give back to the Open Source ecosystem. Sharing is one of Flint foremost Value.

Invested within the ecosystems

Flint is very active within local Tech ecosystems, we organize or participate in Hackathons, Meetups, Tech Conferences as well as afterworks and frequent parties.

Everybody win

You are part of an experience! Flint offers financial benefits to her employees. We forecast an hyper growth and we want to share with our people.

Stay in good health

We have a very solid healthcare plan.

Expose your love

Flint offers a great onboarding package and process (Polo Shirt, notebook, Stickers to pimp your laptop).

You’re a company

You have a Tech need and want Flint to help you

You’re an engineer

You want to apply and get in touch with Flint

Flint's founder

Flint’s founder has been evolving within the Tech ecosystem for more than 15 years. He’s been on both sides of the mirror - Tech Engineer/developer and Manager of a Tech Consulting agency. This double point of view combines technical expertise/knowledge and Business acumen.